About thelabaus. I am a brissy girl living in the german alps doing what I love – designing and creating from my analytical and investigative mind, my heart and my intuition.

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thelabhaus is a laboratory of design.

thelabhaus (my mind and my intuition) is where I research, experiment, and test each stage of the design project to ensure the creative outcome aligns with the clients business values to ensure growth and maximises the creative aspect.

About me

The nitty gritty about me!

I’ve been a graphic designer for 25+ years and an Interior Designer for 15+ years. I love to play with the form and colour. I think it’s where the spatial awareness of interior design blends with my graphic design projects. I work under the notion of less is more. My style is simplified, using form and colour.

Whether it’s through a logo design that makes you feel great about your business, or through in-depth branding that genuinely helps you cut through the confusion to achieve a cohesive brand that brings in clients and business, I want to help you achieve your business goals. I treat my clients with the utmost respect and ensure that all the communication remains open and honest.

I am pleased to meet you!

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I am a Graphic Designer, and...

my other passions are my spiritual and personal growth. I am studying to become a Breathwork Facilitator. I am a 1/3 Emotional Projector in Human Design, and a Scorpio. 

I live amongst the Southern most Alps in Germany. The mountains are my happy place. You will find me most days for my down-time amongst the mountains doing some form of sport depending on the season. I am an animal and nature lover. I try my best to do my part to help mother nature. 

I am a very proud mumma-bear of two very active boys. I love learning about anything healing, spirituality, the Breath, ADHD, Human Design, EFT and the Vagus Nerve. My morning ritual after getting my two rug rats out of bed and off to school is a blend of EFT, heart to belly breathing exercises and affirmations.

I am a doer and a lifelong learner.

Do we fit

How to know if we're a good fit...

This is so important to get right to ensure we get the best outcome from your project and business.

I recommend taking a browse through my portfolio to ensure you like my design style. If you’re still not sure, I offer a free 20 min consultation to answer any other questions you may have about my style, work, process or delivery.

One question may arise, if I have been living in Germany for the last 10 years, can I speak german? Yes, I can. So if there is a situation you need a project done in german I can help.

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Other ways to know if we're a good fit.

The clients I choose to work with:
Understand that the design process is important and that it takes time.
Are willing to be open to different possibilities, take feedback and potentially have any pre-conceived ideas challenged.
Trust my experience as a designer.
Respect my time, office hours and pricing structure.
Understand that this process is a collaborative journey, a two-way street that requires timely input from you.

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I work for clients worldwide. I am not bound to one city, country or continent. Local or global, small or sizeable, I’d love to chat.