A casual clothing company for the trails and mountains in the Allgäu, Sonthofen in southern Germany.
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Brand Design. Clothing & Print Design.

Bergling –  Life is better on the Trails!

Bergling is close to my heart. I am a Trail Runner and love being on the trails and in the mountains. 

I was co-founder of Bergling for the first year, and sensed straight away how the branding should look and feel. Simple, slightly masculine, and using graphics and illustrations to portray the brand,  the trails, and the mountains.

Running in the mountains gives you a sense of freedom, self-empowerment, while also being close to nature. Most trail runners are nature lovers, and enjoy the sense of family in the trail running communities.

I chose Trail running shoe cardboard boxes for the business cards. Cutting down the boxes and using a stamp to make the business cards, giving it  recycled and natural vibe.

I still work with my dear friend still after five years.  For a full overview of Bergling Designs please visit the website below.


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