Fischer und Gibbesch Architektur

Fischer und Gibbesch Architecktur is a medium sized Architectural Firm in the Allgäu, Sonthofen.
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Brand design . Print Design. Website Design

The founders of FG Architektur came to me asking for a revised logo. The old logo was very familiar with builders and clients in the region, and considered it important for the revised logo to remain as close as possible to the old. 

After going through branding sessions with my clients, we decided on a direction. The outcome was a masculine, grounded, and simple design for the logo and the branding. With small details with the form. Playing with rounded and squared off corners on the logo giving it a sense of being grounded which is also a play on how a building is built. Needing a foundation to be stable and being built from the ground up. 

Using black as the main colour with a collection of hued colours to differentiate the several sectors within the business. The Concept Colours were the top selection of images that represent the overall energy of FG as a work and life culture.

They chose on a website that wasn’t the typical hero shot, but more a puzzle piece, again using the colours to differentiate the sectors.  

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