Rebella Bex Mentoring

Rebella Bex Mentoring. A mentoring business that empowers women, through self-love, self-empowerment, self-awareness, and spirituality.
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Brand Design. Print Design. WEbsite Design

Rebella Bex required a brand new brand. She wanted a logo, corporate identity and website. She is very spiritual, and transparent in how she works with her clients. Always interacting on a 1-on-1 basis and gets to know her client on an energetic level. Therefore, I wanted something that truly represented her as a person and how she works with her clients. 

Rebella’s favourite colours are Copper and Olive Green. I based the logo on the meditation Geometry shape, Metatron Cube, because Rebella is also a qaulified yoga teacher and continues it as part of her daily life. It is a symbol of strength, and energy, new paths to be taken, just to name a few. I felt this was a great representation of what the client goes through in their awakening and healing through her coaching. Rebella had her heart set on a totally different logo she saw on yoga clothing and wanted something similar, after the briefing session I intuitively set to work and coming to the Logo and brand she now has. 

Rebella chose WIX for her website. I designed her website in WIX giving herself the possibility to update the website herself as needed. 

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