Allgäu Heimat Bauprojekte GmbH

Allgäu Heimat Bauprojekte GmbH is a Building Development Company in the Allgäu, Sonthofen in Germany.
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Brand Design. Print Design. Website Design

The logo and branding of Allgäu Heimat Bauprojekte was to reflect the culture and region. The region is in the Allgäu which is an alpine region. The mountains are all around Sonthofen. The client wanted the mountain ‘Grünten to be a focal point for the design. Which I used in the image of the logo. Each project the client selects as part of the business you are able to clearly see the Grünten. 

The culture in the Allgäu goes back many generations, and so do the buildings, and the building techniques. After researching, I felt the need to connect the old with the new. The older structures needed to be integrated into the new logo. Hence, the white form, which is the overhang and the shingle wall facade of an old timber building. The white cut-out form within the picture of the Grünten represent the balconies from the old buildings. Which was a safe haven in winter from the elements while being able to stay warm and enjoy being partial outside. 

I selected colours from the Grünten image to represent the different categories within the business, and use it as a form of navigation. 

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